Color Guard Captain Butch Rose


My name is Butch Rose. I entered the Marine Corps on June 18th 1964. Upon graduating boot camp I was assigned to H&S Company 2nd FSR, 2nd Marine Division. In 1966 I was selected for Embassy Security School where I graduated in the top 10% of my class and and was chosen to participate in a 7 Nation Summit Conference which was a proud moment of mine.

On completion of the conference I was assigned to the Saigon embassy in Vietnam. There I served until 1968 before I was reassigned to the embassy in Singapore until 1969. After embassy security I was assigned to 2nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Marine Division until I was released from active service in June of 1970.

Three years after being out of the Marine Corps I realized I missed the service and so I entered the Active Air Force Reserves. I was first assigned to the 58th Arial port squadron but in 1985 I transferred to the 42nd A.P.S.

In 1990 I was activated for 55 weeks during Desert Storm and was assigned as the 3rd shift supervisor for fleet services section of the 42nd A.P.S at Westover AFB. In May of 2002 I retired as a Master Sergeant with a total of 33 1/2 years of Honorable Service.

In 1994 I joined the Oak Ridge Detachment Marine Corps League and was sworn in by Commandant Pete Laplant.